Homemade Giant Kinder Choco Fresh

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A Kinder Choco Fresh is a rhino-shaped chocolate bar from the refrigerated shelf and consists of a milk & a hazelnut cream wrapped in milk chocolate.

In today’s post I will show you how to make a Giant Kinder Choco Fresh at home. Have fun baking!

Cooked/Baked today: Homemade Giant Kinder Choco Fresh
Difficulty: Medium – Difficult
Preparation Time: 24 hours (incl. cooling times)
Our Recipe rating:

Homemade Giant Kinder Choco Fresh

Homemade Giant Kinder Choco Fresh

Ingredients for 1 Homemade Giant Kinder Choco Fresh:

…for the milk cream:

  • 450 milliliters cream
  • 75 milliliters milk
  • 75 grams mascarpone cheese
  • 5 sachets vanilla sugar
  • 2 sachets cream stabilizer

…for the hazelnut cream:

  • 250 grams layered nougat
  • 125 milliliters cream
  • 125 grams mascarpone cheese

…more ingredients:

  • 500 grams milk chocolate
  • 25 grams grated milk chocolate
  • 3 tablespoons oil

Required kitchen gadgets, helper & preparations:

  • Large pot + suitable bowl for the double boiler or microwave to melt the chocolate
  • Choco Fresh basic cardboard plate (download here)
  • Pen for marking the Choco Fresh basic form
  • Baking paper
  • Loaf pan (about 30cm length)
  • Oil to grease the pan
  • Cling film
  • Mixer
  • Mixing bowl for the milk cream
  • Bowl to stir together hazelnut cream
  • Whisk
  • Microwave
  • Freezer
  • Kitchen board
  • Dough card, knife, spoon for modeling the Choco Fresh
  • Gloves or freezer bag
  • 2 equal high coffee mugs

Instructions for the Homemade Giant Kinder Choco Fresh:


Use a pen to mark the basic form (see above) onto a baking paper. Melt 150 grams milk chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave, pour the chocolate onto the baking paper & spread evenly within the marked lines using a spoon.



Allow the chocolate to harden completely. Also grease a loaf pan with some oil & line with cling film, then set aside.

…for the milk cream:

In a mixing bowl combine 450 milliliters cream, 75 milliliters milk, 75 grams mascarpone cheese, 5 sachets vanilla sugar & 2 sachets cream stabilizer & beat until nice & stiff with a mixer for about 2 – 3 minutes. Transfer the milk cream to the prepared loaf pan & smooth down.

Next spread 25 grams grated milk chocolate onto the cream & store the pan in the fridge until further use.

Preparing Milk & Hazelnut Cream

Preparing Milk & Hazelnut Cream

…for the hazelnut cream:

Cut 250 grams layered nougat into small pieces & combine along with 125 milliliters cream into a bowl. Heat up in the microwave at 700 watts for about 30 – 45 seconds, then stir together until cream & nougat are well combined.

Next add 125 grams mascarpone cheese & stir together until you got a viscous cream. Then pour the hazelnut cream into the loaf pan & smooth down evenly. Store the pan in the freezer for about 1 hour to harden a bit.

…for the chocolate layer:

Get the loaf pan out of the freezer after 1 hour, place the prepared chocolate plate in the pan & gently press on, then store for another 2 hours in the freezer.

…to model the rhino shape

Get the loaf pan out of the freezer again & carefully overthrow onto the kitchen board, then remove the pan & also the cling film. Next, drive along the outer edges with a dough card, so that the whole chocolate bar got the bellied shape of the chocolate plate at the bottom.

Modelling the Choco Fresh

Modelling the Choco Fresh

Use a spoon & the dough card to shape the roundings at the back, the rhino tip at the front & the eyes, mouth & nares. Then allow the Choco Fresh to harden in the freezer for at least 6 – 8 hours (best over night).

…for the chocolate coating:

Finally put on gloves, get the Choco Fresh out of the freezer & smooth the last irregularities by coating multiple times over the surface. Afterwards melt another 350 grams milk chocolate & stir together with 3 tablespoons oil until nice & fluid.

Coating With Chocolate

Coating With Chocolate

Line the surface with baking paper, centrally place 2 equal high coffee mugs onto it & carefully put the giant Kinder Choco Fresh onto the mugs. Next, pour the melted chocolate over the Choco Fresh until the whole bar is coated completely.

Finally remove the excess chocolate tips at the bottom with a knife, allow the chocolate to harden & serve 😉

I wish you lots of fun baking 😉

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial to see the recipe and the preparation method precisely (German Audio only, English Subtitles available):

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  1. Hallo! Super Sache. Wird das Choco Fresh nach den 6-8 Stünden mit der Schokolade überzogen dann anschliessend “aufgetaut”? Wie lange sollte man es stehen lassen bis es gegessen Wird? Wird es dann weich?

  2. Ich habe es auch aussprobiert. Ich habe keine Mikriowelle mehr und daher finde ich das mann vieleicht auch eine altrnative hinzufügen könnte. Sonst bin ich mega happy danke !

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